"I believe as long as you have a vision and a dream you can achieve anything you put your mind to"


An entrepreneur, digital marketer, travel lover and someone dedicated to help Launch You grow into a successful entrepreneur and business owner so you can truly live your best life!

Hi, I’m Chloe T… and I expect you aren't really here to here all about my life story.

Well, you’ll be pleased to know you’re not going to get that here…

However, I will share with you information I think will be helpful to you.

If you’re here, chances are it’s because you want to figure out how to earn your income doing something that’s fulfilling to you and that is relevant for today’s online world.

Something that’s also going to give you a lot more freedom (time and geographical), yet at the same time can have a real positive impact on others.

So overall, you are aiming to improve your quality of life and want to gain time and financial freedom.

If your looking for easy and quick ways to make money online then this won't be for you.

I will keep it very real with you.

So who is Chloe T?

I was born in West Yorkshire, England , 1996

I grew up with my parents and two older siblings (Brother and Sister). Luckily, I had a good childhood but has I got older my family didn't share the same vision as me.

They believed life was all about working hard in a 9-5 and to live comfortably.

But not me, I always dreamed of bigger things in life and knew I was NOT made to work for someone else for 40 odd years.

I eventually discovered the online world and discovered Network Marketing, which don't get me wrong it does work for some people but it just didn't work for me.

So maybe your thinking, can Chloe help ME?

Simple answer: possibly

Perhaps like you, I’ve always had a burning desire for success. I had to figure out something I will be truly happy in other than going to a 9-5 job and then being too tired to focus on what I love.

So at 17 years old I started as an apprentice at a car dealership and has thankful as I am for my first job, it was definitely not me. I'm an introvert so my people skills at the time were not the best, but it was my first job and I had a lot to learn.

My 2nd job I worked as a payroll trainee and considering I was absolutely dreadful in maths at school, it was strange how I managed to get into this role. But that made me realise I was just applying for jobs for the money and knowing I had to have an income to live, so just had to settle for anything. That was my mindset back then. But after a few years my mental health was not great, suffering with Anxiety and depression at the age of 19 was clearly a bad sign something just wasn't right with my life. My boss at the time was an HR manager and she simply didn't want to deal with someone with anxiety so eventually she finally found a way to fire me by giving me a performance review. Considering my job was very easy she was using any excuse to get rid of me.

In the moment I was very upset but now I'm so thankful as she gave me the push I needed to finally figure out what I wanted to do with MY life. If she didn't fire me I may have just settled for the job and never actually discover working online.

I started researching and taking online courses about online businesses from network marketing to trading online which I was scammed and ended up in debt for the first time in my life.

That did knock my confidence for a while but I powered on and continued to do my research until I finally found my passion and purpose.

Which is affiliate marketing and eCommerce. After all my research these two business models have been the best for me.

So long story short, In order to achieve the things you set out to do, you have to take action. I’m sure that I have turned some people off with my approach of fast action and some real truths. I believe that we are all responsible for our circumstances and that if you don’t take action, we don’t really want to change.

So let me ask you: do YOU want a change?

If so, and you’re tired of not living the life you really want, tired of being tied to one country, and tired of not having the freedom you want, then lets at least explore the possibility of working together.