How To Create A Brand Board

If you are a designer and looking for a brand bored then you are in a right place. Today I’m going to talk about how to prepare or create the best brand bored for your brand identification. That will classify projects for clients or your own business or blogs. The quick and easiest way to create your own brand bored.

Creation of a brand bored

It’s fair easy and quick way for creation of a brand bored. Basically it consists of many things but the most important is Logo, Logo variations, Sub mark, Typography and color palette. Once you collect your main graphics and observed elements then put them into one page together. Here’s the list:

  • Logo

it tells about your company name and helps the people to find things easily. Logo used on your business cards, brand collateral, websites, etc. Some Logos have impressive symbol that connect to people memory.

  • Logo variation 

It’s a modified version and must important for business growth because your logo will be in more places and each of these places have their own requirements that how they will accept your logo.

  • Sub Mark

It’s a logo variation used when the main logo is not best fit then we use sub mark, it’s a simplified version of main logo.

  • Typography

The art of working with text that helps to create a clear memory of your brand in the mindset of your clients, Typography is everywhere. Whenever you see logos, Posters, Websites or anything that has text to a larger or smaller extent, it involves the use of typography.

  • Color Palette

The rare and unique colors scheme to discriminate your brand and business, and represent the best look and feel of your business to attract people towards your brands. These colors will use throughout all organizational communications, from your website to your marketing materials.

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