How to Create an Online Course

Do you have a particular skill and want to earn money from your skills? Yes, of course everyone wants to earn online, people create a course once and sells it for years and it’s a great way of passive income. In this article I’m going to talk about “Online courses” How to create an online course? Which platforms are best for publishing your course? And how can we earn from online courses. 

The thing is that more and more people are turning to the online digital world to learn new skill in their homes or some of them want to improve their skills. Here is some reason why people want to learn/improve remotely instead of in a classroom.

  • The learner can move it their own pace. He has unlimited access, and they have no pressure to finish a course on time, because whenever they want (At any time) they can complete their work.
  • The learner can choose from different types of classes.
  • The learner can set their own schedule and set out time around other commitments to take their online course.
  • Teachers and students can connect from anywhere and attend classes.
  • It saves time because for classroom you go out from home and waste your time on traveling.

So, you know you want to create an online course, but with you there is a lot of people in competition, so you need a strong teaching structure to teach what students needs to learn, and when and where they are supposed to do it. 

Setting Your Price

  • One Course, One Fixed price, limited/unlimited access
  • Multiple Courses, Multiple prices, unlimited/limited access
  • One/Multiple courses, multiple prices, unlimited access with a subscription charge

Test different price points and do not price your course on the base of their length. It depends on the base of course value. When you first start teaching online, maybe you don’t have confidence to charge a high price for your course, maybe it’s hard to charge low price, maybe you don’t have a large audience. But this is not important, because there are so many free courses available, important is why people buy your course.

The Online Course Creation Model

  • What’s the course worth to your customer?
  • What will they get from the course?
  • What do competitors charge?
  • Why they buy your course?
  • What’s interested in it?

Don’t feel like that you have to teach university level or like a professional level. Think about your talents, skills and life experiences that you have been through. If you love your topic, interested to teach and having experiences then you have a topic that’s work for you. And then choose a monthly income goal and then work out how many courses you need to sell at what cost.

  1. Identify your online course market you have to do superior work in creating a quality course that is going to get students results.
  2. Is there demand? Start thinking big and considered yourself as a student and think what course will you select for yourself.
  3. Do your customers or ‘list’ want this course? Take a look at customer/student lifestyle, activities and interest.
  4. Use the KEYWORD Planner tool to know which key word are people using the most.
  5. Create a poll on Facebook or conduct a survey that’s helps and you may gain some experience of their life.
  6. Now Create the OUTLINE for your course, including the syllabus give the description from the academic calendar also explain the goals of your course.
  7. Start creating/gathering the course assets I.e. Videos, Documents, Slides, Exams, Certificates etc…
  8. Buy/Subscribe to your preferred delivery platform
  9. I.e. LearnUpon, Kajabi, Wishlist Member etc.
  10. Upload your course assets to your delivery platform
  11. Test the USER Experience Task success rate is one of the mostly used and easiest way to understand. 
  12. Publish your Online Course Here is some best platforms in which you can publish your course
  13. Promote Also advertise your on Google Ads.

This can seem overwhelming and complex but if you plan correctly and do your research, the process will be simplified. The start of everything is little hard but if you work hard then you will achieve it.

If you require more guidance and step by step tutorials, I can recommend Internet Business School’s Online Course Creation course.

You will be taught by best-selling author Richard McMunn who has made over £4.5 million in creating and selling education materials through his business How2Become.

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