How to overcome the fear of failure

To be honest there is always something we all have a fear of, whether it is a fear of spiders or a fear of public speaking etc. But why? Do you ever dig deep and try to work out where that fear has stemmed from? Or maybe you do not even know why you have that fear or even know how to overcome it.

I have discovered 5 proven strategies that can help you overcome those fears.

  1. Create a “Fear list”

Create a simple checklist and separate it into two different sections. i.e. Fear of Doing… and Why…

e.g. Starting a businesse.g. Spiders

Then you need to figure out why you have those fears. Dig deeper and think of the reasons that are stopping you from overcoming the fears.

E.g. You want to start an online a business, but you fear it wont work out or you do not have time because of your full-time job.

Then think of some kind of solution like “ I fear I wont have time to work on my business because of my full time job, however I can block small amounts of time each day to work on my business, even if it means waking up 1 hour earlier.

So, all you need to do for this step is to turn a negative thought and turn it into a good one. You may not think you have time right now, but if you want it badly enough, you find a way to make that time.

2. Redefine the meaning of failure

Many fears people have it to worry about doing something wrong, looking foolish or not meeting expectations, meaning Fear of Failure. But what if you could reframe the situation before you even attempt to overcome the fear. For example, you may have failed at a certain task in the past but turn this into a positive and learn from what did not work out for you.

3. Focus on Self Development / Education

Educate yourself on your interests, so if you can understand how something works and the process you are more likely to succeed in whatever your setting out to do. Remember – You cannot fail if you do not quit.

4. Re-frame Your Goal

Shift your goals to include learning how to do something you are interested in before actually trying to do it. You cannot fail because there is always something to be learned. Even professionals are constantly learning.

For example, instead of having a specific goal like I want to earn at least 10k from my product launch, expand your goal to “Learn how to successfully launch a new product”. You can still target your 10k revenue goal, but along the way you are learning how to do it from a proven online course or a coach who has successfully achieved this already. You cannot fail as you will be learning something of value while going through the process of overcoming your fears.

5. The 3 questions

The best response to the fear of failure is to ask oneself these 3 powerful yet simple questions:

  1. What did I learn from my previous failed situations?
  2. How can I grow as a person from this experience?
  3. What are 4 positive things that have come from this situation?


“Well, this ad I have created for my product is not converting. But this is a learning curve for me and realise I may need to do more market research or maybe even improve my images for the ad. Maybe I can even ask for advice”

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