How to Write and Publish a book

Many people think writing their own book is long-winded and complicated. Yes it is true, you have to put a lot of hard work into the process but if you follow a simple system it will all come together and if you follow the system correctly, you will have your own book published in no time.

There are two fields of writing a book For writing a book you must have to decide which book are you writing 

  1. School subject related

If you are writing a school book then that is simple you must have good knowledge of the specific subject or field on which you are writing a book. And then publish it in the specific school college or university.

  1. Story, Novel etc.

On the other hand writing a Story or Novel book is a little difficult task. For writing a book you have to follow the following steps 

  • Generate a list of book ideas

First of all you have to write a list of good selling books then read the summary of all these book you will get knowledge of people interest that which type of book people want to read.

  • Creating your book content & then Writing

Now try to create the content of your book in your head write its wording of it then if you like to write a book on this idea then start it wording make it easier to start writing.

  • Create book titles and straplines

After finishing writing give an interesting attractive title to the book the title may be some characters name from the book or famous thing in the book whatever be the book title but select an attractive title. 

  • Design your book cover

Design a cover of the book because most of the people judge a book by its cover that why this line became famous ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. But still people judge everything by its appearance. So design a good cover and write some strapline from the book on cover to attract the people.

  • Outsource different elements of the publishing process (If you require)

If you don’t Know some things like Design cover or publishing method you can hire some people for the specific task.

  • Obtaining an ISBN for your book

Get an International Standard Book Number for you book it makes easier for customer to purchase the exact book. The Library Book Store Online Retailer Distributor use ISBN to order the exact book. 

  • The Amazon sales process

After getting ISBN you can sell your book on amazon as a digital book or its hard copy on Amazon.

  • The Waterstones System

With Waterstones you can sell your book because it’s the famous book retailer in UK and neighbor countries.

  • Printing and Kindle Conversion

To prevent your book from coping and make it secure make it kindle so people can’t print its e-book and cannot make changes in it.

  • Book Marketing & PR

Do marketing of your book on every platform digital or Analog. Do conference in Public places for the public relation with book its effect on the society because there is a lot of stuff in the market so people want to know its relation with society. 

Below I share a basic but simple step by step tips on how to get started:

1 – Choose your GENRE of book

  • Examples of book categories: Self-Help, Motivational, Careers, Fiction etc.
  • Use AMAZON as a starting point

2 – Creating a title for your book–Think about:

  • What do I know?
  • What do others within my network know?
  • Write a list of potential books.
  • Research using the Google Keyword Planner Tool.
  • Think about the content of your book

3 – What you should include within your book?

  1. Simple to follow tips and guidance
  2. Insider knowledge – USP.
  3. Flow charts and step-by step advice
  4. ‘How to’ tutorials
  5. A chapter about you, and why you are qualified to write and teach
  6. Easy answers and step-by step solutions
  7. Case studies

I know this seems a lot but these are the basics to writing a good book, especially if you want it to be the bestseller. You’re thinking, this is going to take a while, I may not have time to do this. But truth is, if you have a plan you can easily launch your first book within 30 days. Check out the 30 day publishing system below.

Look I know it can be overwhelming, but it does not have to be. All you need is a plan. If you want to know more about how to Write and Publish your own book- Join the Book-Writing Course here!

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