The Basics Steps To Starting an Amazon Seller Business

At Amazon there’s no secret, they obsess customers. The buyer simply wants trusts where they can purchase/buy a high variety of goods. Here’s a simple steps to start an Amazon seller business.

  1. Set up your Amazon Sellers Account

First, create you’re your account its very simple enter your name, email, password and then give seller information, billing / deposit in this step you will give your account details from where you were pay your selling fees, tax information and product description means that which product do you want to sell. After completing of these steps, your seller account is all setup.

  1. Learn How To Carry Out Targeted Amazon Product Research    

It’s all about analyzing current trends. Identify your competitors which are on the top and spy them what are they doing, select the best domain name which are perfect for your website, and then do some research to choose the right product which are best for sale in the market.

  1. Research Potential Products To Sell on Amazon Using Suggested Software Tools 

Here’s some software I recommend you to use as researching tools;

  • Seller App
  • ZonGuru
  • Helium 10
  • AMZSciut

4. Choose 5 – 10 Potential Products To Sell and Complete Excel Product Data Spreadsheet.

  1. Research Suppliers On Recommended Websites – China & UK Based

You can increase your visitors and advertise your business through famous websites Baidu & Google Ads

  1. Assess MOQs and Shipping Costs + Taxes etc. (if Applicable)

The total shipping cost is calculated by adding the per item cost and per shipment cost. And the tax rate applied on base of combined state and local rates where your order will be delivered to.

  1. Contact Suppliers for LATEST PRICE information & Delivery Lead Times

Before the order: Go to the product listing on Amazon and select the third party seller name and ask question from the seller. And about delivery, it will show automatically delivery time but if you want the order in two business days, you need to select Two days delivery option.

  1. Branding + Bundles+ Packaging?

You can create bundles composed of different product to produce a new bundle product and to provide buyer a value and convenience.

  1. Order Product from Supplier and Start Preparing Product Asset Information for Uploading

Use the product submission process to make your product available and define the product offering on the marketplace. Prepare four(4) column the first(1) column is for pricing and the other three(3) columns are uses for products description.

  1. Order Product Codes (EAN)

Product codes EAN means European Article Number consists of 12 or 13 digits used for the identification of the product.

  1. Upload Product Images and Information To Amazon Seller Central (Select Amazon FBA)

An Amazon needs images one or more for every product. Be careful, when you choose an image for your product to upload will impact customer buying choices. So the image you choose should be clear, information rich, easy to understand, attractive and having a high quality.

  1. Take Stock Of Products + Ship To Amazon FBA

Secure your products transportation. First create shipping plan, print shipment ID labels of Amazon and then sent it to shipment of Amazon fulfilment center.

12. Reviews + Promotion Of Product Using + Suggested Strategies


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