The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Choosing your brand name can be simple for some people if they already have a vision of what they want. However, for some it can be a long process. But in brands the most important thing is their brand name. Finding your brand name can be fun and can be simple, and easy to read. If you follow the below tips I’m sure you will be completely able to name your brand but most importantly follow your heart and brain to see which brand name you feel most aligned with.

  1. Brand your personal name. People like to know who they are working with and it builds trust between you and your customer faster than It would if you have a corporate name.
  2. You can also use your “celebrity” name.
  3. If you MUST brand a business name, make it memorable and easy to remember.
  4. Run your ideas by people you know or even a third-party review can help.

Your Tagline or Slogan

In your brand taglines are more permanent representation than slogan because slogan can be changed frequently. Both taglines and slogan is the representative of your brand and brand recognition is most important that’s why companies spend millions of dollars on advertising their brands. A tagline generally represents ‘How you serve your audience’. It helps to define your purpose. i.e. “I help Entrepreneurs and Home Business Owners Create Success Faster, while designing a life that you love”

Your Image / Look / Logo

A lot of people seem to think they need some kind of extravagant look to express their audience but it has been tried and tested that people actually like a clean and simple look more than extravagant look. For example if you take a look on some famous brands like Apple, Coca Cola, McDonald’s etc, they all have clean and simple look. 

Your Specialty

Your job with branding is to become an expert in a specialized skill. What is your specialty that you want to focus on with your audience? If you don’t have any experience about your brand then you have to start it with a particular product and increase it with time and experience.

It is especially important for this to be Focused and Exact. For example, I personally know how to do pretty much everything when it comes to websites, blogging, Facebook Marketing, SEO, Target Marketing, Online Advertising, Branding etc. BUT it is extremely dangerous to be ‘Jack of all Trades’ when you’re creating your brand.

What do you want to be known for?

Your Competitive Edge

I am sure you have heard the saying “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”

You must research who your competitors are and look at how you are different. This helps you to ‘Anticipate and Eliminate’ any objections people may have in doing business with you.  And find different way to establish your brand in a unique position in the marketing.

Your Offer

In the start you have to make reputation and gain some trust from your customers as much as your image represents your Brand and your Offer. In the start it’s bitten hard for you to gain trust from people but if you sell a good quality of products, then trusts automatically creates. 

It is what you are putting your reputation and Branded name to. So think about the quality of your product as this is what you will become known for by your customers. Provide some discount offers like limited time offers, buy one get one free etc.

Limited time offer 

It’s any kind of discount, special gift, reward or deal to a customer that they can get if they buy from you in a certain time period. It’s a way of attraction that’s attract people towards your brands.

Buy One Get One Free

It two products on the price of one that encourage people to buy more, mostly seller use these offers, it mostly used for low cost products. This has been shown that the offer works far better than 50% off.

Your Values & Your Story

Although brand telling story has been around a long time, it’s afresh prominence is, I believe that directly connect a link of your brand to any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram etc, and to the very public conversations about your brand. The more you can portray your story and message the more people will get to know you and people are more likely to do business with whom they know, like and trust.

This should be your goal when sharing your story and you should create a feel-good feeling. Be yourself and be Genuine.

Always think Always be thinking…. “How Can I relate to My Audience”?

Below is a Checklist of how to create your brand and how to build a blog

  • Understanding Your Brand
  • Your Ultimate Audience
  • Your Brand Design
  • Set up Your Domain & Hosting
  • Set up WordPress
  • Choose your blog title name 
  • Choose your blog theme
  • Start your post writing
  • Connect with your domain
  • And publish your post

To find out more on how to create your brand and how to build a blog check out Tanya Aliza’s The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Course’

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