Ultimate Guide to SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of organizing your website to get more traffic on your website. The search engines are used by internet user such as google etc. when they are searching for something there are millions of websites appear but people mostly search only the top few websites and leave the remaining. So in SEO people basically try to make its website optimize according to search engine if people search the specific word my website appear the top one. 

   Search Engine

Search engine is a place such as google that help people for searching online. Search engine work on Crawling indexing and showing the result. Crawling is the process in which search engine search all the web pages. When the crawling is done search engine start indexing it in indexing search engine give them a specific number according to their value and then picking the most suitable result from them.

Some years ago in SEO people have to do keyword search linking and some basics step for SEO. But now in SEO you have to a little more from them such as 

  1. Links

Mostly people access your website through link. People do back link in which they give link of one website inside another if people need some data they just click the link inside it.

  1. Content

Content is another SEO major factor it depends on which content you provide and what people are searching. If you optimize your website but no one is reading your content then it is again a problem so good content attract more people.

  1. Keyword Search

In keyword search we have to focus on the market and content that which type of word people are using for access or searching this content.

There are many tools that help in keyword research such as Google trends etc.

  1. UX and SEO

While searching in google all the good quality product or good companies website are on the top because of the user experience people want to access those companies’ website more and more so while searching a specific word google lead you to the most valuable company website e.g searching apple it will show the apple website on the top and all other related website came after.

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